WO2015198826A1 – Antifoaming agent Patents

WO2015198826A1 – Antifoaming agent Patents

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    WO2015198826A1 - Antifoaming agent - Google Patents

    Further, the anti-foaming agent as described in Patent Document 2, occurs repelling by silicone component, there is a problem that significantly impairing appearance of the coating film. That object of the present invention is to provide an antifoaming agent which is excellent in suppressing generation and defoaming of cissing.

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    Wetting and anti-foaming agent - Google Patents

    A wetting agent is disclosed that imparts anti-foam properties to aqueous solutions while reducing surface tension. In one embodiment, a method for defoaming and/or for preventing foaming of liquid media is presented comprising mixing an embodiment of wetting agents described herein, an emulsion thereof, or a powder thereof, with the liquid media.

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    US Patent for Antifoaming agents Patent (Patent

    Paraffinic oils which comprise in the range of from 45% to 100% basis mass per mass of one or more paraffinic hydrocarbon(s) and have an average molecular weight in the range of from 100-200 are useful as antifoam agents, especially in a surfactant-containing concentrate or

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    Dilution of the antifoaming composition to a lower ionic strength in the metalworking fluid is believed to release the antifoaming agent from encapsulation with the copolymer and make it available as an active antifoaming agent. Metalworking fluids typically are at least 40 wt % water.

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